Thursday, September 13, 2007

. . . Seeing Myself in the Newspaper and The Nagging Hope that People Are Actually Reading This

Hey, so guess what everybody. If you scroll down and look at my last (and much more important) post then you'll discover that I didn't actually deliver everything the title offered. I sort of left out the part about seeing myself in the newspaper and the hope that people are actually reading this. So, here it is:

Seeing yourself in the newspaper is weird. I sort of knew it was coming, so I opened up the section very slowly, perhaps closed my eyes for a moment, and then looked. And, sure enough, I was in there. My first reaction: Aw I look terrible! I look at it again: I don't look horrible. I look at it again: Hey, I actually look okay. I look at ig again: Hey, I look good! Funny how that works.

As for the hope that people are actually reading this, there's just something cold about me sitting at my computer (I could be in Antartica for all you know!) sending out messages that are never read. I liken it to sending off rescue calls that are never answered. Save me! Read this! (And especially the stuff before this, you know.)

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