Thursday, September 13, 2007

. . . Seeing Myself in the Newspaper and The Nagging Hope that People Are Actually Reading This

Hey, so guess what everybody. If you scroll down and look at my last (and much more important) post then you'll discover that I didn't actually deliver everything the title offered. I sort of left out the part about seeing myself in the newspaper and the hope that people are actually reading this. So, here it is:

Seeing yourself in the newspaper is weird. I sort of knew it was coming, so I opened up the section very slowly, perhaps closed my eyes for a moment, and then looked. And, sure enough, I was in there. My first reaction: Aw I look terrible! I look at it again: I don't look horrible. I look at it again: Hey, I actually look okay. I look at ig again: Hey, I look good! Funny how that works.

As for the hope that people are actually reading this, there's just something cold about me sitting at my computer (I could be in Antartica for all you know!) sending out messages that are never read. I liken it to sending off rescue calls that are never answered. Save me! Read this! (And especially the stuff before this, you know.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Essence of Man and Women, Seeing Myself in the Newspaper, and That Nagging Hope People Are Actually Reading This

If there's one thing I've promised this blog would be, it's thoughtful and thought provoking. And, whether because I don't feel like anyone is reading this, or because I just haven't got to it I haven't posted anything like that yet. So here it is, a message so thought provoking I needn't post anything else in the many months to come. (Thanks to Matt and Phoenica, who showed me the core of these reflections.)

The Essence of Man:

The essence of man is to serve and protect. Whenever we men sin it is because we are not fulfilling our essence - we aren't serving and protecting. The core of most of our sins, therfore, is selfishness. When we're selfish we're not working to serve and protect others around us, we're serving our own selfish, sinful needs and desires. We're disobeying the purpose God has given us.

And when, instead of serving and protecing, we're idle it can be merely because of our laziness that we sin. If we would always be quiet, and learn self control, and listen to the prompting of the Spirit we would not sin. If we would always be about serving and protecting, we would not sin.

The Essence of Woman:

The essence of women is to bring relationship and be the very prescence that God is. (Wow!) Where men tend to rebel, women are naturally built to follow God, and that's why their essence is to bring God and relationship to men and those around them in an appropriate way. Men rebel against God when they sin, whereas women are deceived. (The reason this happens is when men are not being their essence which is to serve and protect.) Look at the first sin in the Bible, Eve was deceived by the serpent, or Satan, because she saw a lot of good things in it. The fruit looked nice, she thought, she could take it to Adam, wouldn't he like that. So, Eve really had good intentions, and because Adam wasn't being his essence she was deceived.

When women are not not walking rightly with God, or are in some way prevented from walking with Him they get caught up in immature relationships, and are dragged into bad relationships. Eventually they will end up giving their bodies away because they so intensely desire relationship, and they learn that they can get it, for a time, if they give away their innocence. This happens because men are not being their essence, and therefore women's essence becomes perveted when men do not wish to follow God.

Older women, when not in proper relationship, will go overboard in providing for their children and husband, and having to have something a certain way for themselves and everyone around them. When women turn away from God, their essence is distorted and becomes a burden to those around them.


Dating is possesion and usery. Without God we become users who take advantage of each other for our own selfish desires.

This happens because we do not want God to truly be involved in our day to day life, and we don't truly believe that we must serve him, and seek to desire him in everything we do.

Because of this, we don't live in His Kingdom, or have true hope for his life.

Character: Character is sustained self control on the principles of God, with us living and guided by the Spirit, it is not a set of rules. Legalism, and the flesh kills, the Spirit gives us life.

Scriptures to Look At:

Romans 5:3-5
Genesis 1:26-27
Genesis 2:15 and 18
Genesis 3:1- 13-
1 Timothy 2:13-14
Titus 3:3-7
1 Peter 3:1
1 Corinthians 11:1-12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34 & 35
1 Timothy 2:8- men lifting holy hands is a picture of submission before the Lord.
2 Peter 1:4-8 there are two loops here -
1. Faith goodness knowledge
2. Self control perseverance godliness
We must exercise self-control to build up perseverance and the result is godliness.
Or: We must exercise self-control to build up brotherly kindness and the result is love.
Deny self, take up your cross, lose your life, and forsake all for Christ, we must truly serve others to be made new:
Matthew 10:39 and 16:24-26; Luke 14:25-35
You cannot do this on your own - by faith we place our bodies in submission to Christ and experience our will moving toward the good things of God where they belong.
This is how we become a living sacrifice: Romans 12:1&2 - the daily renewing of our mind to the things of God instead of our selfish desires.
My Notes:
That help that God is is what women were created to be.
Before sin Adam was working in the garden serving Eve.
In today’s culture we reject the help that God has given us. We rebel against those who are above of us and are supposed to be placed in front of us by God so that women are not deceived, and young men have self control.